It started in 1988...

Matt entered the financial industry selling insurance for Columbia Associates, an agency of Standard Insurance Company in Portland. Within two years he made the leap to become an independent financial representative. After a few specific cases where Matt helped some elderly friends settle their estates, he discovered he had a passion for estate planning. As a result of these experiences, Columbia Wealth Advisors LLC grew their focus on financial and estate planning for landowners and farmers.

In 2017, we stopped using Columbia Wealth Advisors as a DBA, formed it as an LLC, and left our registered investment advisor of 15 years, KMS Financial Services Inc. During this transition, Andy Kangas became the primary adviser and became the adviser of record on all of Matt's business. 

Columbia Wealth Advisors LLC is a member of the following:

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Andy Kangas

Andy grew up in Scappoose, Oregon. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Arts & Letters from Portland State University and helped start a local non-profit in 2007. After 8 years in the non-profit world, Andy decided he wanted to try something different. He joined Columbia Wealth Advisors in 2015.

He has passed the financial industries' series 7 and 66 exams and can sell insurance in the state of Oregon and Washington. 

You can see his SEC Investment Adviser Representative Summary HERE and his Finra Broker check HERE.

Dave Lambert

Born in Portland, Oregon, Dave spent his formative years in Oregon City. Every summer his family would travel to Eastern Oregon to hunt, fish, and help out on a family friend’s cattle ranch. Later on he lived and worked on the ranch. He currently lives on a small farm in Rainier, Oregon with his wife of 16 years and 6 kids who love 4H.

Dave is a member of:

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Matt Kangas

“Helping people navigate their estate issues has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this business. It's where you get to see people’s passions beyond ‘let’s earn a better return.’ It is a process many people couldn’t do on their own because of the legal and financial industries’ complexities. My goal is to see someone who is so enthusiastic about their land and what they have accomplished through the years ensure their life’s work doesn’t go to waste or end up in careless hands.”

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