Advice for Life

Columbia Wealth Advisors LLC is a registered investment adviser in the states of Oregon and Washington. We make money by managing financial accounts for a fee, providing insurance for a commission, and managing the securities inside of donor advised funds. But that is not what drives our passion. Our passion is seeing to it that landowners leave meaningful lasting legacies, where the next generation looks back upon them and says, "Well done!"

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Along with managing brokerages, IRAs, and institutional accounts, we work hard at making sure our client's big picture is clear, comprehensive, and streamlined. 

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We network with attorneys, accountants, foresters and land management specialists as well as other professionals in order to facilitate holistic estate and succession plans.  In most instances, of all the professions in estate and succession planning, the financial advisor's relationship lasts the longest - long offer the trust is drawn up, the LLC papers are signed, or the continuity of management plan is designed.  In many cases we continue to work with the next generation because of the relational nature of our work. 

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More people are realizing the benefits of planning for a legacy. This goes beyond having a tax efficient and clean estate transfer. This is realizing your heirs don't need all you are leaving behind. This is the belief that your money can make a long lasting impact for causes you care about. 

We help design instructions and accounts that go on after death. We can assist in picking worthwhile charities. And we implement it while you are alive so you have confidence it will have impact far into the future.